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The Passage

The Passage is a dark steampunk game with a lot of personal drama and some elements of cosmic horror. It focuses on how the individuals cope with the situation and how they manage to keep up hope or how they react when hope dwindles. Depending on the character this may result in relationship drama, intrigue plot, rebellion, camaraderie, faith or sacrifice.

Despite the dark themes, drama and cosmic horror elements the game is supposed to have an overarching wholesome ending.



Date 2nd run: 13th to 16th February 2025.

Location: Villa Kunterbunt in Glarus, Switzerland at 1111 meter above sea.

Price: CHF 250

Arrival: All players will have to be on site on Thursday evening at 19:00. We will try to organise car sharing and shuttles.

Departure: People can leave from early in the morning on Sunday. Any help cleaning up the cabin will be appreciated. We aim that the last person leaves the site at noon.

This is an extended rerun of the first game. We will be playing the same story again. There will be some changes in the set of characters.


The game takes place at the beautiful Villa Kunterbunt. It is a scout cabine with comunal bunk beds for 8 to 10 people.


The casting will be a 3 step process.

  • After signing up you will receive a questionair about your game and character preferences.

  • You will then receive 3 to 4 character suggestions which you will have to order in your priorities.

  • Shortly after that you will receive your character and a link to a form about practical information I need from you. These include: Size for costumes, dietary needs etc.

Packing list

This is the list of the things you have to bring yourself to the game:

  • Sleeping bag (There are woolen blankets and pillows in the cabin)

  • Toiletry

  • Towel

  • Modern thermal-wear

  • Hiking boots (If possible in dark colours)

  • Costume pieces:

    • White, brown or gray blouse or shirt​

    • Woolen sweather

    • Woolen socks (idealy knee length)​

This is the list of things that might come usefull but are not necessary:

  • Snacks for in between and barter with other characters

  • Utensils for a hobby your character could have (e.g. knitting, drawing, playing an instrument)

  • Gloves (All characters get some kind of hand wear, but not all will get something that covers the fingers.)

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